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Turiba University


Turiba University

Turiba University

Eastern European Teaching University (EEU) and Turiba University signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

In aim of the memorandum is to enhance relations between the two universities and to develop academic and cultural exchange in the area of education and research. The students and Academic Staff of the EEU will have opportunity to participate in educational and research programs. In particular, there will be organized:

1. Exchange of researchers

2. Exchange of faculty

3. Exchange of students (study of East European Teaching University students at Turiba University according to undergraduate and postgraduate programs)

4. Summer School Students 

5. Exchange of scholarly and pedagogical materials 

6. Joint research 

7. Technical assistance and/or training 

8. Cooperation within corporate education 

9. Other cooperatives efforts as may be specified laterhelding exchange programs for students, researchers and academic staff; joint research programs, simposiums, conferences as well as share studying materials.