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Visa and Accomodation



Visa information

International students who are going to study in Georgia should apply for an immigration visa (D3 category – for persons arriving in Georgia to study or conduct research in or at the premises of authorized educational institutions in Georgia; persons arriving in Georgia to study under international programmes). 

Visa Application for immigration visa may be submitted to the Embassy of Georgia or Consular offices in the appropriate country.  An immigration visa shall be issued with the right of multiple entries and with 90 calendar days. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, diplomatic missions and consular offices of Georgia abroad shall make the decision to issue a D immigration visa within 30 calendar days after an appropriate visa application is submitted.


List of documents that should be submitted to Georgian Diplomatic Missions and Consular Offices to obtain Immigration Visa:

  1. Fully completed visa application form
  2. Travel Document / Passport
  3. Receipt of payment of consular fee
  4. Personal photo according to ICAO standards
  5. Document proving purpose of travel
  6. Document proving sufficient financial means (except for D5)
  7. Proof of accommodation (except for D5)
  8. Travel and Health insurance (except for D5)
  9. If a fine has been imposed on an alien for illegal stay on the territory of Georgia a receipt of confirming the payment of a fine must be presented
  10. To issue visas for minors (a person under the age 18) and/or persons with mental disorders, the visa issuing authority must be provided with the consent of their legal representatives. Such consent must be expressed in written form
  11. If a person with representative powers submits papers, the document evidencing such representative powers must be presented to the visa issuing authority.

For detailed information please find: https://www.geoconsul.gov.ge/en/visaInformation


NOTE: After submitting all required documents for admission, University International relations Office will provide you with all the necessary documents for visa application (Acceptance letter, Invitation letter).  



East European University offers International Students accommodation near to the University Campus. Accommodation fee is approximately 80-100 USD per month in shared flats.

Living costs in Georgia is around 2000 -3000 USD per year (includes ground transportation, food, bills, etc).

University also offers transportation service on arrival from the Tbilisi International Airport to the student’s accommodation