East European University (EEU)
II national conference in Constitutional Law

II national conference in Constitutional Law

On Decmber 29, 2014 EEU hosted the II National Conference in Constitutional Law in the Conference. The conference is co-organized by the Prince David Institutte for Law. The topic of the conference was: "The form of state governance: "The constitutional reality of Georgia and prospectives".

The opening ceremony of the coference was made by the Head of the Committee of Legal Issues in the Parliament of Georgia, Vakhtang Khmaladze, the Judge of the Supreme Court of Georgia, Zurab Dzlierishvili and the Rector of the East European University, David Cherkezishvili.  

The participants of the conference were: Vasil Gonashvili, Dimitry gegenava, Tengiz Tevzadze, Tamar Papashvili, Paata Javakhishvili, Zurab Jibgashvili, Lana Tsanava, Eka Kavelidze, Zurab matcharadze, Salome Tsutsumia.

The repors of the conference will be published as a book and will be accessible to any interested individual.